Refining our CBD oil for superior quality and purity

After extraction, the next phase in our production process is to refine the raw CBD extract, thus ensuring the oil is pure and free of contaminants before it’s made into one of our fine CBD products. We use two different methods for refining: winterization and distillation. Like everything else we do here at Carolina Botanical Development, these methods are considered the best means of refinement in the industry.


The first method of refinement we use is called winterization – which gets its name from the fact that we immerse the raw CBD extract in a chilled alcohol solution. During the winterization process, the alcohol works to separate the oil’s cannabinoids from unwanted substances like terpenes (organic compounds that protect plants from predators and parasites), waxes, natural fats (also called lipids), and plant chlorophyll. While these are all naturally occurring compounds (remember: all our hemp is USDA certified organic!), the non-removal of these substances would compromise the purity of the final CBD product.

Winterization Freezer


Another refinement technique we use is called distillation, which does the same work as winterization – separating cannabinoids from unwanted naturally occurring compounds – but it uses a different means to do so.

In our distillation process, we use stainless-steel wiped film, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that allows for optimal separation of molecular compounds. With this technology, we separate cannabinoids from other organic compounds through intensive heating, rather than employing a liquid solution (as is done with winterization). After the cannabinoids are heated, we collect the vapors into beakers. We repeat the process of heating, separation, and collection, until the maximum amount of impurities is removed.

Distillation produces premium, practically clear CBD oil with up to 90% potency. For comparison, winterization yields about 65% potency. Distilled CBD oil is therefore the ideal option for consumers who want high-potency CBD products.

We use both methods to refine our CBD oil because we know that all consumers have unique wants and therapeutic needs. By offering CBD products with varying levels of potency, we’re able to meet a wider variety of consumer preferences – ranging from those who use CBD for a relaxing, recreational experience, to those who seek relief from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or an array of neurological conditions.