Making sure our CBD is virtually THC-free

THC, the chemical compound found at high levels in cannabis, responsible for creating an intoxicating effect, occurs naturally at extremely low levels in CBD. During the extraction process, though, THC levels in CBD oil tend to spike, so it is crucial that manufacturers work to remediate THC levels after extraction and refinement. Once again, THC remediation is a process that we conduct in-house. This way, we ensure that this crucial step is done right.

Because THC remediation tends to be expensive and labor-intensive, many companies selling inferior CBD products will skimp on the process. At Carolina Botanical Development, though, we know that THC remediation is an important part of how CBD products remain legally compliant and safe, protecting consumers from unwanted side-effects while ensuring that CBD oil retains its therapeutic, non-intoxicating effects.

To ensure that remediation is done thoroughly, we use the best equipment that the industry has to offer. What’s more, we eliminate the THC from our refined CBD extract while retaining the desired cannabidiol. This is why we run potency tests at multiple stages in the production process, as doing so guarantees that after extraction, refinement, and remediation, our CBD oil has maintained its purity – with maximal cannabidiol and minimal THC.