Our CBD products are thoroughly tested for potency and purity

In a market oversaturated with cheap, impure products, something that makes us unique is our commitment to delivering the highest possible purity to consumers. Conducting potency testing throughout the manufacturing process is how we guarantee our CBD products’ purity – it’s also how we were able to become USDA Organic certified.

First and foremost, potency testing matters because consumers want to know that they’re buying CBD products that are safe to use and that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Poorly processed CBD oil is often tainted with harmful contaminants that can result in unwanted side-effects. We therefore put all our products through careful potency testing in order to verify that the product hasn’t been compromised by harmful toxins or pesticides. At the same time, we look for an accurate accounting of cannabinoid concentration and the strength of these compounds, as this is a crucial part of evaluating CBD oil’s therapeutic value.

At Carolina Botanical Development, proper potency and high purity starts with beneficial growing techniques. We pick seeds that thrive in South Carolina’s geography and climate, we carefully select the micronutrients that we feed our hemp, and we meticulously manage temperature exposure and humidity levels.

Once our well-grown hemp is harvested and ready to be processed into CBD oil, we conduct multiple potency tests throughout the production process. Potency testing is first done in-house using a method called High Performance Liquid Chromatography – HPLC, for short. This technique uses a liquid solution to separate and quantify a number of natural chemicals taken from a plant sample. By conducting this analysis, we can determine that the CBD oil will deliver the appropriate effect, and, of course, that we’ve maintained absolute purity.

While we pride ourselves on keeping all our production in-house right here in South Carolina, we know that when it comes to potency testing, it’s important to get a second opinion. That’s why before we ready our CBD products for sale, we send samples to a third-party ISO-certified lab for final testing. Employing outside lab testing, in addition to conducting multiple potency tests in-house, ensures consistency of results throughout the production process and all the way to pre-packaging.

The result of all this careful testing is a pure, local, certified organic CBD product that we offer in a variety of forms (gummies, tinctures, creams, plus much more). Our potency testing also guarantees that our products provide the health and wellness benefits associated with using high-quality CBD oil: including relief of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and inflammation – to name a few.