CBD isolate: the absolute purest

At Carolina Botanical Development, we’re proud to offer the widest variety of CBD products possible, all made in-house, and all USDA certified organic. On top of everything else we do here, we make a version of CBD called isolate – a white crystalline powder containing 99% cannabidiol. Isolate is ideal for people who want CBD in its purest form as well as something that’s versatile and easy to use in any number of ingredients imaginable.

Isolate is made after the CBD oil has been extracted and refined, at which point the oil is mixed with a stable solvent in a reactor. Once in the reactor, the mixture is heated so that cannabinoid compounds interact with the compounds in the solvent. Then, the mixture is cooled so that the cannabinoids have a chance to separate out of the solvent, emerging as CBD in pure crystal form. Next, the crystal is washed with the same solvent for further purification of any contaminants that might have emerged during isolate production. After the wash, the isolate is put in a vacuum oven for 48 hours, during which time any remaining solvent is removed from the isolate.

The result of all this meticulous work is the purest CBD product out there – completely free of plant byproducts and containing absolutely zero THC (good to know for people who are regularly screened for drug use). CBD isolate is perfect for vaping or mixing into your favorite food and drinks. It can also be combined with lotions and creams to give topical products an added therapeutic benefit.