Our CBD products are USDA Organic certified by Clemson University

The tough and rugged hemp plant’s ability to flourish without the help of pesticides is among one of the many things that endows the plant with magical qualities. Its incredible resiliency is one reason why manufacturers might choose to grow their hemp organically. But for us, it has more to do with our own commitment to providing the purest, best CBD products out there. That mission is why all our hemp has been USDA certified organic by Clemson University (go Tigers!).

Because we do everything in-house, we’re in a unique position to make sure that each component of our operation – from the tilling, to the harvesting, to handling, and to storage – all keeps in line with USDA regulations. This means that both the CBD products we offer for direct consumption as well as the biomass that we source to local farmers in South Carolina are all 100% organic.

The USDA Organic seal on all our products is a testament to their purity – purity which is accomplished through sophisticated extraction and refinement as well as meticulous, multi-step potency testing.