About Us

We specialize in the extraction, refinement, and purification of cannabidiol (CBD) oil. What distinguishes Carolina Botanical Development from other CBD manufacturers is we source certified USDA Organic hemp from local farms and do all processing, production, refinement, and packaging in-house – this ensures the integrity of all our CBD products. And by maintaining an obsessive focus on the purity of our CBD oil, we’re able to uphold the promise of health and wellness benefits that draws consumers to CBD in the first place.

Our Mission

We are located in beautiful Upstate South Carolina. We chose this location because it lies at the heart of what we believe will soon be America’s “CBD Hub.”

We started Carolina Botanical Development with the intention of bringing to market the purest and most transparent products available. Our USDA Organic certification is a testament to our success in delivering on that promise. It’s a result of our dedication to always providing the best CBD products available in the marketplace. 

By putting the USDA Organic label on all our products, we’re letting you know that everything we offer contains all the useful benefits of CBD oil without any of the negative side-effects associated with inferior products.