Custom formulations for all palates and health and wellness needs

After all the painstaking growing, harvesting, milling, extraction, refinement, THC remediation, and multiple potency tests, the fun part of the production process begins: turning our pure, organic, high-quality CBD oil into custom-designed products. Because we strive to be among the best CBD manufacturers in the country, we work hard to ensure that we’re able to make an endless variety of CBD products in virtually any flavor and scent you can imagine. No matter your preference, we’re confident that we have all the tools necessary to make your custom product in-house.

Custom CBD products are suitable for consumers who desire CBD oil that is modified to meet their health and wellness needs. This is why we use multiple methods of extracting and refining our CBD oil – in order to ensure that we’re providing varying potency levels for all types of consumer preferences.

For consumers using straight CBD oil, custom flavors are a good way to cut the oil’s strong taste. Such flavors could include your favorite fruit (maybe it’s mango or lime), chocolate (a classic!), or even your favorite kind of espresso drink (say, a mocha latte). Imagine a dessert that’s actually beneficial for your body!

With our ability to make custom CBD products, you have the option of consuming your CBD in a variety of ways – as a tincture, a cream, an edible, and much more. And because we make CBD isolate, we can also provide completely THC-free custom products (perfect for people who need to take a drug test). We are also able to make CBD products safe for pets.

When choosing which custom option is right for you, remember that no matter what you pick, with us you always get something of the highest, purest quality, made with hemp that’s been certified organic by the USDA.