Preparing our naturally grown hemp for CBD oil extraction

Quality CBD oil begins with quality growing, which is why we operate here in South Carolina. We consider this region the hub for the rapidly growing CBD industry, because the humidity and moderate weather provide an ideal environment for hemp to thrive. But CBD oil – the part of the plant that delivers a bevvy of therapeutic benefits – doesn’t simply spring magically from the ground fully formed. Hemp is an incredibly tough and resilient plant (it’s why it generally doesn’t need pesticides to survive), so it needs to be grinded down before the oil can be extracted.

That’s where milling comes in. Fortunately, our USDA-certified organic hemp doesn’t have to travel very far to the mills, because we own all that equipment.

The use of advanced machinery and sophisticated milling techniques is the greatest guarantee for maximal purity and potency in CBD oil, so we take the milling process seriously. We use the most state-of-the-art milling equipment to reduce our hemp to small particles whose size is suitable for oil extraction.

Maintaining the highest purity of our CBD products is a multi-faceted endeavor, necessitating manufacturer control over the entire production process. That’s why everything is done right here, in-house – including the milling.